Yoga for Dancers believes that every artist should get a fair shot at living your greatest dreams. The truth is, sometimes, finances within the dance world leave some artists unable to get proper medical attention or rehabilitation post injury, pay rent, or continue their education because of a lack of resource. Yoga for Dancers founder and CEO, Marja Lankinen, is doing something about that. 

In the summer of 2016, Marja created Micro Loans for Dancers as an eleventh hour option for those in                                                                       financial need. 

Micro Loans for Dancers Recipients: In 2016, Micro Loans for Dancers granted $150 to Ki"Era Banks so she could continue her schooling in arts and education at Columbia College in Chicago. In 2017, Micro Loans granted over $700 to Kara Edwards of New York City to aid in covering medical bills incurred from a dance-related injury. In 2018, Micro Loans for Dancers offered Halima Dodo in Los Angeles $500 to enroll in Rhapsody James' dance training program as well as $100 to Geovanni Gill to support a job transition while pursuing his creative career. In 2019, Micro Loans granted Chicago tapper and educator, Ja'bowen Dixon, a $350 micro loan to support his start-up, Dance and Delivery. In 2020, Micro Loans offered $800 to Ijay Espinoza to support housing costs during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
For those looking to donate: If you are thinking of donating, please know how far your kindness goes toward changing the lives of dancers in Los Angeles and around the globe. With your donations, dancers can get the medical attention they need. Even a small donation could ensure that a dancer can sleep in a safe place and have enough food to make it through the day. A dollar makes a difference as it will go toward someone getting the funding they need to live their greatest dreams. 
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In the message box below, answer the following questions:

1. What would you use a Micro Loan toward and how much do you request?
2. How can this funding help you further your professional or personal aspirations? 
3. What does paying it forward mean to you, and how might you be able to pay it forward in your own way? 
4. Things change and timelines can always shift, but, just in the interest of putting a date on it, when do you project you may be able to repay the no interest loan?
5. For fun (and if you don't yet know me, I am (un)certified beehive): If you could be in any Beyonce music video or stage performance, what would it be and why?


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 The application questions are below, and you can either send your application through the message box below or email There is no interest. You decide when you are able to pay back the loan. Just, when you can, pay it forward. 


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